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A not so Svbtle reminder to own your words

I think it is important to own your words both figuratively and literally. Svbtle has given me a necessary reminder of why I hold this opinion.

In their “Open for Everyone” announcement, they let slip a paragraph that should frighten writers everywhere:

“We’re working on a way to guarantee that your written content will remain available on the web for at least five years.”

After I shared my amusement on Twitter this section was hastily deleted, and no wonder! That is not a guarantee, it is a warning.

How about instead I host my own work, keeping it available until I fall off the chair?

Don’t get me wrong, Svbtle and Medium are both gorgeous platforms. They also allow you to re-post work from your original site and possibly get it in front of a new audience.

But besides this article—which I’m publishing here for the sheer absurdity of doing so—I would never write something original

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